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Spring Break 1997

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Last modified: 04 December 1997

For the past seven years my son Augie (now 18) and I have spent his Spring Break touring parts of the US and included a trip to the Mayan ruins in Mexico. We like being outdoors, especially hiking, and thus look for places that are warm in the early spring, which generally means the south and west.

We selected Lake Powell for our 1997 Spring Break trip because it combined several things we liked, plus offered fantastic scenery and the chance to try our hands at houseboating. As luck would have it the springtime weather did not cooperate with our plans, so our planned stay at Lake Powell was cut short when an unusual, for that time of year, low pressure system swept over the western states bringing winds, rains, cold temperatures, and even snow after we departed. Although our plans were diminished, our enthusiasm for Lake Powell and houseboating remains undaunted.

The comments in the Daily Journal are intended for the first time Lake Powell houseboater. They provide some insight about our experiences under rather poor weather conditions and, perhaps more usefully, some observations that would pertain to any novice houseboating experience.

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