Cove House, Gualala CA

1 - 4 March 2002

Revised 21 September 2002,
Photos & Text © 2002 by Len Schwer

Cove House is about 3 miles north of Gualala near Iversen Point
(Scale: map is about 30 miles across)
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Cove House
  The Gran's, Jim & Laura, shared a rental house near Gualala with Ms Becky & me at the beginning of March 2002. Jim is the sea shore golfer trying to hit that golf ball out to the rocks where the seals are basking in the sun.
  This was the second time we shared the Cove House rental from Kennedy & Associates and recommend their rental properties. If you are interested, you can view our 2001 Cove House pictures.
  Cove House over looks a semi-private cove and provides a white water view from the deck and interior of the house. The two cove water shots show relatively high and low tide views, followed by a view of Cove House from sea level.
  Exploring the cove at low tide is an interesting way to relax. There are lots of star fish of various colors and many sea anemia.
  The weather was perfect for our entire stay. There was no fog, and no wind, and the temperature was warm enough to comfortably sunbath on the deck.
  While some worked up a sweat reading books, others improved the great view by removing the sea-spray from the picture windows with a squeegee and water.
  Jim likes Cove House so well that he had a bit of a temper tantrum on the morning of departure after Laura told him to get ready to leave.
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Cove-LowTide.jpg Cove-HighTide.jpg CoveHouse.jpg
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Jim's Pictures
  Jim and Laura stopped on the drive up from their home in Menlo Park at the San Francisco bridge vista point to get 'The City' in the background with Laura. They also stopped somewhere along Highway 1 to capture the green grass along the coast.
  The water picture shows two seals that were mesmerized
by Jimís muscleman antics on the cliff above.
  Laura is waking up with a bowl of cereal, with the beautiful view from Cove House in the background.
  Jim told me he took the picture of the vulture in the tree and was sure that bird was waiting for the great white whale in the lounge chair to expire.
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rockycoast.jpg musclecoast.jpg seals.jpg
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