Cove House, Gualala CA

30 March - 2 April, 2001

Revised 09 April 2001,
Photos & Text 2001 by Len Schwer

Cove House is about 3 miles north of Gualala near Iversen Point
(Scale: map is about 30 miles across)
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Cove House
  The Gran's, Jim & Laura, shared a rental house near Gualala with Ms Becky & me at the end of March 2001. This was the first time in Gualala for Jim & Laura, but Ms Becky & I have rented houses before from Kennedy & Associates and recommend their rental properties.
  Cove House over looks a semi-private cove and provides a white water view from the deck and interior of the house.
The house was very comfortable and well appointed with a large kitchen and a nice family room with views of the ocean.   The weather was clear with no fog, but fairly windy on Saturday (31 March) and very windy on Sunday (1 Apr). The strong wind eventually coats the windows of the house, and everything else, with a sea spray that was easily removed with a squeegee and water.
Jim&Laura-B.jpg Becky&Len.jpg CoveHouse.jpg
Jim&Laura-D.jpg Jim&Becky.jpg CoveHouse-B.jpg
windows-1.jpg Jim took these 'candid' shots. windows-2.jpg

Beach & Shore
  There is fairly easy access to the shore and stone beach below Cove House via a path along side the house. There were some small waterfalls running down the sides of the steep cliffs that surround the cove. Low tide occurred during the late morning, so we were able to climb among the rocks and isolated tidal pools and look for sea creatures and interesting debris. We also took a short ride south of Gualala to Shell Beach where there is a sandy beach.
  It was probably too late in the season for spotting whales, but 1 April was the start of the abalone season and we saw a number of people walk out of the cove below the house with a daily limit of 4 abalone.
CoveView.jpg CoveBeach.jpg CoveBeach-B.jpg
WaterFalls.jpg WaterFalls-B.jpg WaterFalls-C.jpg
BeckyCove.jpg ShellBeach.jpg Jim&Laura-SB.jpg
windows-1.jpg windows-2.jpg windows-2.jpg

Point Arena Lighthouse
  On Sunday we drove to the Point Arena Lighthouse, about 4 miles north of Cove House, and took the tour up to the top of the lighthouse to see the light and lens and to take in the view.
  The is a small museum associated with the lighthouse that documents some of the events associated with the lighthouse, like the 1906 San Francisco earthquake that destroyed the lighthouse.
There is also a small room for whale watching that contains a whale-head bone and some charts showing the different types of whales.
  On the drive back we stopped at the pier in Point Arena and spotted this van that had a great paint job illustrating many of the quaint buildings in Point Arena. The owner happened to come back to the van as we were taking the picture and told us a local artist painted the van and it took her several weeks to complete the mobile mural.
PtArena.jpg BeckyLens.jpg BeckyPtArena.jpg
BeckyWhale.jpg Jim&Laura-C.jpg PaintedVan.jpg

Flora & Fauna
  My very limited photographic skills see to do best when taking pictures of plants, rather than people or landscapes. I took these shots that include a colorful tidal pool, mussels clinging to a rock, sea anemone and more mussels, and spring flowers I saw near Cove House and Point Arena.
TidalPool.jpg Mussles.jpg Anemone&Mussels.jpg
Flowers-A.jpg Flowers-B.jpg Flowers-C.jpg

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Photos & Text 2001 by Len Schwer