Lost Creek June 2003

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Revised 19 June 2003,
Photos & Text 2003 by Len Schwer

Bob & I spent Father's Day doing a traditional father thing ... fishing. We fished Lost Creek, near the northern California town of Burney. We stayed at our favorite retreat Rippling Waters Resort where we enjoyed lovely cabin lodging, and the company of our hosts, and friends, Ann and Don Johnson.

Late spring is a great time of year for wild flowers in this part of Northern California, and rather than bore you with pictures of fish, which Lost Creek always seems to provide, I thought some pictures of the flora and waters would be more appropriate.

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Wild Flowers
DSCN0862.jpg DSCN0863.jpg DSCN0865.jpg
DSCN0866.jpg DSCN0874.jpg DSCN0877.jpg
DSCN0870.jpg DSCN0873.jpg DSCN0887.jpg
DSCN0883.jpg DSCN0884.jpg
DSCN0885.jpg DSCN0886.jpg
DSCN0869.jpg DSCN0881.jpg DSCN0888.jpg
DSCN0867.jpg DSCN0868.jpg DSCN0871.jpg
DSCN0875.jpg DSCN0879.jpg DSCN0876.jpg

Tiger Lilies
DSCN0889.jpg DSCN0899.jpg DSCN0892.jpg
DSCN0890.jpg DSCN0891.jpg DSCN0900.jpg

DSCN0860.jpg DSCN0893.jpg DSCN0895.jpg
DSCN0896.jpg DSCN0897.jpg DSCN0898.jpg

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Photos & Text 2003 by Len Schwer